Entry Fee: Free
Prize: 1st – $2.00 2nd – Card

  • Entry form must be lodged with the Secretary, Show Office not later than Friday 4th October.
  • Exhibits must be delivered to the Showground Pavilion between 7am – 9am Friday 11th October.

Judging will commence 10.00 am on Friday 11th October.

Produce Entry Form
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501Beeswax, natural yellow, 500g
502Beeswax, natural yellow, 500g (Small Producer)
503Beeswax, white, 500g
504Beeswax, white, 500g (Small producer)
505Honey in frame, full depth
506Honey in frame, full depth (Small producer)
507Honey ideal (comb or frame)
508Honey in frame any other size
509Honey in comb 500g section
510Honey in comb 500g jar or bottle
511Honey in comb 500g jar or bottle (Small producer)
512Honey light, 1 jar or bottle
513Honey light, 1 jar or bottle (Small producer)
514Honey dark, 1 jar or bottle
515Honey dark, 1 jar or bottle (Small producer)
516Honey candied, 1 jar or bottle
517Honey candied, 1 jar or bottle (Small producer)
518Golden honey liquid, standard colour, 500g
519Golden honey liquid, standard colour, 500g (Small producer)
520Best apiarian exhibit
521Best apiarian exhibit (Small producer)
522Eggs Brown, 1 dozen
523Eggs White, 1 dozen
524Eggs Bantam, 1 dozen
525Eggs any other variety, 1 dozen
526Season herbs, any variety, 1 bunch (including parsley).
527Collection of herbs, minimum 5 varieties (can be potted or in a basket).
528Macadamia, Pecan or other Ground nuts, 500g.
529Citrus, 3x Oranges.
530Citrus, 3x Mandarins.
531Citrus, 3x Lemons.
532Fruits in season, (3 pieces of one variety).
533Legumes, 500g. Any variety, Beans.
534Legumes, 500g. Any variety, Peas in Pod.
535Root vegetables, 3x Beetroot.
536Root vegetables, 6x Carrots.
537Root vegetables, 6x Parsnips.
538Leaf vegetables, Cabbage.
539Leaf vegetables, Cauliflower.
540Leaf vegetables, Lettuce (any variety).
541Stem vegetables, Spinach.
542Stem vegetables, Silver Beet.
543Stem vegetables, Celery.
544Stem vegetables, Rhubarb.
545Cucurbits, 2x Marrows.
546Cucurbits, 3x Cucumbers (any variety).
547Cucurbits, 3x Chokos.
548Cucurbits, 1x Pumpkin.
539Bulb vegetables, 1 bunch Eschalots.
550Bulb vegetables, 1kg onions (any variety).
551Fruit vegetables, 6x Tomatoes.
552Fruit vegetables, 3x Capsicums.
553Fruit vegetables, 1x Eggplant.
554Fruit vegetables, collection of Chillies.
555Collection of Salad Vegetables, minimum of 5 varieties.
556Collection of Vegetables other than Salad Vegetables, not less than 8 varieties.
557Largest specimen of any individual vegetable
558Vegetable any variety not classed above
559Fruit any variety not classed above
560Hay, Lucerne
561Hay, Oaten
562Hay, any other variety
563Collection of weeds

Most successful exhibitor: Ron Lee Memorial Ribbon and prize money

Most successful exhibitor in Apiculture Section:  Ron Lee Memorial Ribbon and prize money



Under 16 years

564Eggs White, 1 dozen
565Eggs Brown, 1 dozen
566Season herbs, any variety, 1 bunch (including parsley).
567Citrus ×3 any variety
568 Root vegetable ×3 any variety
569Leaf vegetables any variety
570 Stem vegetables any variety
571Bulb vegetables any variety
572Fruit Vegetables any variety
573Collection of Weeds
574Decorated vegetables
575Decorated fruit