Stewardesses: Joan Causley & Bev Hendley
Entry Fee: Free
Prize: 1st – $2.00    2nd – Card

  • Entry form must be lodged with the Secretary, Show Office not later than Friday 7th October.
  • Exhibits must be delivered to the Showground Pavilion between 7am – 9am Friday 14th October.

Judging will commence 10.00 am on Friday 14th October.

Exhibits must be work of the exhibitor and not more than 3 yrs. old. Exhibits that have been washed will be disqualified except for school students (these articles must still be “Show “condition).

Each exhibit is to be entered in one class only.

The judge’s decision is final.

Needlework Entry Form
801Crocheted article – person over 70 years of age
802Duchess set crochet - white or cream
803Duchess set crochet - coloured
804Table centre, crochet
805Table runner, crochet
806Crochet bag any kind
807Doilies, crochet 3; any colour
808Crochet article not on schedule
809One handkerchief, crocheted edge

Champion crochet exhibit:

Trophy donated by Country Women’s Association of NSW – CASINO BRANCH

810Table centre, any design
811Ribbon embroidery
812Cross stitch article
813Decorated coat hanger
814Appliquéd or quilted patchwork quilt.
Prize 1st - $10.00 2nd - $5.00
815Appliquéd or quilted patchwork wall hanging.
Prize 1st - $10.00 2nd - $5.00
816Any other appliquéd or quilted article.
Prize 1st - $10.00 2nd - $5.00
817Tea cosy
818Article of child’ s clothing, machine made
819Any other article, needlework
820Baby’s shawl, knitted or crochet
821Knitted Crochet article of baby clothing
822Bootees, 1 pair
823Soft toy
824Novelty article
825Kitchen novelty
826Bathroom novelty
827Nursery novelty
828Afghan or rug; crochet or knitted
829Bed Doll
830Tapestry, any article
831Knitted article - person over 70 years of age
832Craft article - person over 70 years of age
833Embroidered article - person over 70 years of age
834Bag – Any kind
835Quilted Cushion