Entry Fee: Free
Prize: 1st – $2.00 2nd – Card

All Exhibits in this section must be the work of the exhibitor and must be new work, which has not previously won a prize at our Show. Any aged work will not be judged.

Craft Entry Form
901Cushion Any
902Toy Any
903Novelty – “something new from something old” - Recycled
904Wooden Article
905Towelling article
906Lead lighting any item
907Any craft by a person over 70 years of age
908Leatherwork any item
909Pottery any item
910Ceramics any item
911Porcelain Doll any
912Christmas Decoration any
913Any other craft item not mentioned
914Beading Handmade Jewellery
915Beading any other item
916Scrapbook – Single or Double Page – Any Subject

Entry: Free

  • Entry form must be lodged with the Secretary, Show Office not later than Friday 6th October.
  • Exhibits must be delivered to the Showground Pavilion between 7am – 9am Friday 13th October.
  • Judging will commence 10.00 am on Friday 13th October.

Exhibits must be work of the exhibitor.

Junior Craft Entry Form
917Hand crafted item
918Machine crafted item
919Book mark
920Christmas decoration
922Handmade photograph frame
923Leatherwork item
924Metalwork item
925Woodwork item
926Beading handmade jewellery
927Article by Pre School Child
928Article by Infant School Child
929Decorated Paper Plate by Pre School Child
930Decorated Paper Plate by Infants School Child
931Icy pole or peg article
932Handmade toy
933Any other article
934Any variety of artwork by Child not in School